Art of Virtual Persuasion BESPOKE

BESPOKE COURSE (up to 10 people) | 2.5hr Workshop

Communicating, presenting, and building rapport are vital skills in any business, but for those in advertising, the ability to persuade is critical. This 2.5hr bespoke interactive workshop (up to 10 people), facilitated by NIDA graduate and qualified teacher Myles Pollard, will arm teams with the strategies and tools to influence people more effectively, particularly in an online environment.


As the workplace moves increasingly online, managing your own emotional state, finding your authentic voice, and sharpening active listening skills to connect with clients and colleagues confidently has never been more important. 

Meet your Lecturer
Myles Pollard
Actor, producer, writer, director and teacher
Since graduating from Edith Cowan University in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education, Myles was selected to... MORE
What to expect

This workshop, delivered by Australian Film and Television Actor Myles Pollard, will arm you with strategies and tools to help you deliver your message concisely, articulately and dynamically, give you tips on managing your pitch, pace, volume, power and clarity, and share insights into how you can build rapport and persuade your audience – particularly over platforms such as Zoom and Google Hangouts.

In particular, the workshop will cover:

  1. State of mind – Managing nerves and being aware of fight or flight responses
  2. Message control – Understanding visual and verbal message cues
  3. Staying in the moment – Connecting confidently and comfortably in order to drive effectiveness
  4. Voice – Understanding pitch, pace and power – and how to adjust them as needed
Who’s it for?

This course is available for all disciplines and departments.

Participant Feedback

Myles was brilliant. He was engaging, friendly and constructive. It was also great how he adapting the content/his language to fit with the advertising world. CHE Proximity Melbourne Group

The exercises, albeit daunting they were very practical and extremely helpful! CHE Proximity Sydney Group

The results were obvious and the structure of the workshop made it easy to see and understand the changes in our presenting skills. CHE Proximity Sydney Group