Ad Net Zero Essentials Certificate – Online


This qualification aims to empower individuals with the knowledge and practical skills to become genuine agents of change and positive action.

Exam Dates: 31 July  |  27 November
Refer to qualification policies.

What to expect

This certification is available for Members & Non-Members and consists of 10 hours of online learning.

A multiple-choice exam will be issued at the end.


Completing the Ad Net Zero Essentials Certificate will allow you to gain:

  • An essential understanding of the climate crisis
  • Appreciation of our industry’s role to take positive climate action
  • Techniques to measure the carbon emissions related to the work we produce across the advertising process and how to go about reducing them
  • Provocation about what we can do as advertising and marketing services professionals to promote a more sustainable way of life
  • Guidance on how to avoid greenwashing in advertising
Who’s it for?

This qualification is for anyone in the industry who wants to learn more about how to work in a more sustainable way and wants to be part of the change required by the sector in this critical decade for climate action.

Encouraging completion of this course demonstrates a company’s commitment to action on the climate crisis, as well as ensuring employees have an up-to-date understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing our industry on the path to net zero.

The course also aims to drive dialogue with agencies and clients alike to embed sustainable goals in campaigns across the industry.


Course Content

Learning is delivered via five modules to help participants understand the key concepts related to our climate future and where to seek out tools to enable them to act in their role and as a member of society. The course also offers further reading to deepen understanding of the topics, but this is optional.


Module 1 – Climate Fundamentals
Climate change, its history and current key legislation, policies, initiatives and organisations to be aware of.

Module 2 – Ad Net Zero
A deep dive into Ad Net Zero, its origins, ambitions and the action plan needed to drive change through the UK advertising industry.

Module 3 – Changing the Way We Work
A step-by-step guide to the actions we need to take as individuals and businesses, exploring the proportionality of impacts and decisions we make around all aspects of the way we work.

Module 4 – Sustainable Behaviour Change
An introduction to the #ChangeTheBrief initiative, focusing on how the skills and influence of the industry can be applied to promoting sustainable lifestyles with practical ways to incorporate action into the creative process.

Module 5 – Understanding the Rules and Regulations Around Greenwashing in Advertising
A guide to the fundamentals of ‘greenwashing’ and how to actively avoid it in the work we produce. This module will provide an understanding of the global regulatory landscape, reviews examples of rulings by regulators around the world, and offers practical tips for both agencies and clients.