A strong Code of Ethics is essential to the ongoing credibility and influence of the advertising industry. More importantly, it is our Code - developed by the industry, for the industry, to make explicitly clear the standards we expect from ourselves and the people around us.

Code of ethics
Every corporate member of the ACA is signatory to the ACA Code of Ethics. This represents a commitment by agency staff and management to abide by the spirit and principles of the Code and in doing so, uphold the very highest standards of ethical practice.

The Code is not a set of rules encased within a legalistic framework. Rather, it is a combination of broad principles and specific issues relevant to our industry. Equally we have an obligation to understand and adhere to our clients’ industry codes of conduct.

The ACA does not seek to act as police, judge or jury on the issue of ethics. We see our role more as a guide to agencies as they navigate their way through advertising’s grey areas.

We are committed to uphold the integrity of the Code and in this regard, the ACA accepts written complaints which it undertakes to settle with the advice and assistance of The St James Ethics Centre.